The hiring of Senior Executives, Managers and Specialists often sets the pace for the future of your company

We rely on a vast network of partners and top level recruitment professionals from around the globe in order to ensure the long-term growth of your company and its operations.

  • Selecting and placing senior executives and specialists:

    Detailed analysis of the company’s needs in relation the position to be filled; profile definition; rigorous selection of candidates; guidance for candidates during company interviews; no-fee replacement guarantee during the probation period (max. 3 months).

  • Continuous training and personal development:

    Detailed on-site analysis of the company’s and employees’ needs; interviews with the employees involved; selection of training instructors; training evaluation and assessment.

  • Mentoring, team-building, and project management:

    Organization of seminars, both within and outside the company, on various subjects: management by skills, MBO, building team cooperation, change management, leadership development, diversity management.

  • Managing the company in the long term:

    Implementation of a Social Management System in the company; creation and application of corporate governance tools; self-evaluation of the company’s sustainable HR management; workplace health and safety; backing of certifications.

  • Labor rights:

    Labor rights training; drafting, revising and adapting company regulations; legal advice, support for companies in case of a dispute; employer/employee mediation.

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