Innovation, research, manufacturing, safety, sales and management… the industry sector is bringing together increasingly specialized and diverse skill profiles.



With the majority coming from an industry background, OK JOB advisers are experts in what companies need in today’s climate, especially with regards to agility and flow management. As your human resources partner, OK JOB will provide your SMB with the same level of professional support as we would a multinational corporation.

Industry professionals:

Buyer, Production worker, Production line coordinator, Production mechanic, Tool maker, Moldmaker, Bar turner, Bar turner helper, Automation expert, CNC operator/programmer, Industrial designer, Production engineer, R&D engineer, Quality control manager, Test technician, Control technician, Maintenance technician, Home automation specialist

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The field of biotechnology is leading the way in scientific research. These methods, adapted from other disciplines (microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology, etc.), are experiencing rapid development in our country. To fully meet your specific needs, OK JOB relies on its vast experience in these professions based in the most highly specialized workplaces.

Biotechnology professionals:

Clean room technician, Chemist, Laboratory technician, Biochemist, Chemical laboratory technician, Medical laboratory technician, Chemical engineer, Doctor in chemistry, Biostatistician, Bioinformatics scientist