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OK JOB currently has 18 agencies based primarily in Romandie Switzerland, with 14 other locations planned to open over the next few years mainly in the Alemannic region.

To fully serve both our SMB and multinational clients, we select only professional candidates who fully understand your expectations and who best fill your human resources requirements.

We currently have more than 100 consultants working hard to guarantee you quality services.

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Our sectors

Banking, insurance, finance (trade, accounting), legal services (lawyers, notaries), real estate, luxury goods and services, marketing and communication, sales and after-sales services, consulting, human resources, corporate services and consulting, IT, etc

Watchmakers, setters, jewelers, stamping press operators, and other production personnel who have been successfully tested by a training consultant on each step of the production process.

Food industry, automation technology and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, industrial computing, instrumentation/regulation, industrial maintenance, mechanics, multi-technical maintenance, thermal engineering (air conditioning/heating), research.

Carcass work: masons, machine operators, crane operators, etc. Finishings: joiners, carpenters, tilers, resin installers, etc. Electrical professionals: power systems installers, wirers, helpers, etc.

Professionals working in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories and EMS: nurses, patient care assistants and home-care providers, physiotherapists, pediatric nurses, midwives, replacement healthcare staff (nurses and physicians), sterilizing technicians, laboratory technicians, medical sales representatives, etc.

Tourism and food industry professionals: telephone operators, receptionists, room-service personnel, housekeepers, back office staff, cooks, chefs, head waiters, managers, event organizers, etc.

"We can achieve great things by working together"

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Looking for a job?

Our consultants will present you with various professional opportunities, which you may either accept or turn down, free of charge.

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Looking for a candidate?

Our consultants will work with you to draft the specifications and will present you with select candidates, all free of charge until a contract is concluded.

Only at this time will we charge a fee for our services, and even then, we guarantee a partial refund if the placement is found to be unsuitable during the probation period.

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Dedicated to providing quality services, we support our teams by providing them with professional development training, all in an effort to serve you better.


OK JOB has been ISO 9001 certified since December 2013, ensuring a rigorous and consistent methodology in each of its agencies.

With the experience gained, OK Job supports its clients in the search and follow-up of skills by guaranteeing them professionalism, proximity and expertise.

OK Job is:

  • A perfect knowledge of the business lines in its core competencies
  • Appropriate identification of customer needs
  • Mobilization and advice for a reliable and adapted reactivity
  • Strict detection and accurate validation of candidates’ skills
  • A perfect match between the recruited profile and the position to be respected
  • OK Job ensures a follow-up of the mission by:

  • Accompaniment of the candidate upon arrival in the company
  • A synthesis with the operational manager during the mission
  • A perfect mastery of the legislation and the administrative procedures