Data protection agreement from 1 September 2023

Please fill in the following form to give us your consent to process your personal data.

    Birth date

    • I hereby authorise the fiduciary managing Ok Job SA, i.e. REALISATOR AG, to use and store my personal data (e.g. surname/first name, address, assignment contract, salary statements). I have been informed that this consent may be withdrawn at any time by simple notification on my part. I expressly authorise OK Job SA and/or RALISATOR AG to archive my entire file and authorise them, where applicable, to keep it until such time as any claims arising from employment relationships or any other relationship of obligation are time-barred. By signing I agree to receive my salary statement by e-mail and I certify that all the information I have provided is complete and corresponds to reality.
    • Authorisation to process personal data.
      Under the revised Data Protection Act (DPA), the principles set out in Article 6 of the DPA must be observed when processing personal data. From September 2023, explicit consent will be required for the processing of sensitive data (e.g. data relating to health or application photos from which origin or ethnicity could be identified) and in the case of high-risk profiling (art. 6 para. 7 letters a and b nLPD).
    • Transmission of data and requests for references.
      The Employment Service Ordinance also requires written consent for the processing of data in the following cases (placement: art. 19 para. 1 OSE; hiring of services: art. 47 para. 1 OSE), when:
      1. data on jobseekers and vacancies are passed on to other agencies or business partners legally independent of the company
      2. opinions and references on jobseekers are requested
      3. data on jobseekers and vacancies is passed on across national borders.
    • Retention of candidate data.
      The applicant's consent is also required for the storage of data relating to applicants who have not (yet) been placed or hired, for example if the application file is kept in the database for a further year.
    • Reading personal data on request.
      Each temporary employee (TE) has the right to obtain information about the data processed about him or her (art. 25 nLPD - the so-called right of access). They may request their data in a commonly used electronic format (art. 28 nLPD).