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An agency you can depend on

1’130 job offers, 17 agencies, 36’542 candidates

Candidate area


Each registration is processed individually. You will be invited to make an appointment with one of our advisers.


Apply online to any jobs matching your search criteria.

Permanent and Temporary

We offer you a wide selection of permanent and temporary placements, both skilled and unskilled.


We are always available and ready to do whatever it takes to find the right candidate for the job

Client area

Always attentive

Our advisers go above and beyond to respond to your requests. Keep in mind that temporary placements often become permanent.

Personalized approach

Experts in one-on-one interviews, OK JOB consultants meet with each candidate to assess their knowledge and skills in order to match them with the right placement.

Effective and Efficient

Thousands of employers have chosen our services and, with our help, recruit over a thousand candidates each year.