Increase efficiency with electronic timesheets

E@syMission is our highly effective software which performs up to all expectations (in terms of performance, usability, data protection and security, availability, etc.), providing an electronic time tracking solution.

The paper reports that are often used are considerably less effective:

- Information provided by employees (work hours, expenses, type of salary, cost center, etc.) is often incomplete or contains errors.

- When entering the data, back office staff are often unable to decipher or read the hand-written information correctly.

As a result, employees’ salary statements need to be corrected, which annoys clients and staff, adding a significant amount of extra work and wasting valuable time.


Electronic timesheets

  • The entire payroll and invoicing process can be completed without having to switch from one system to another and without any need for postage. Data entry errors are avoided, and the overall process is faster.
  • Unlike paper reports, electronic reports do not have a standard form template. They are uniquely formatted for each employee and include all the details required, such as the type of salary and cost center. Filling out reports is easier, and the data is of higher quality.


Typical work day

With E@syMission, the steps involved for processing a typical entry are as follows:

  • The temporary employee enters their hours worked and expenses
  • The client confirms or corrects the information provided by the employee
  • The personnel adviser approves the report. This approval is required to process payroll or invoicing

Other processes are also available. For example, the information could be entered by the client or personnel adviser.

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