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    More and more companies and employees are opting for temporary work in Switzerland. And with good reason: the availability of regular assignments combined with the flexibility of fixed-term contracts seems to satisfy both parties. Between the two is the temporary employment agency, which puts them in touch with each other in a given city. What does it involve? What are its missions and responsibilities? Let's find out!

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    ⭐ Placement Agency: How Does It Work?

    A temp agency is led by a manager. This manager is also the employer of the temporary workers. In the Lausanne placement agency, the search for temporary contracts is the true focal point. To stand out, it relies notably on its recruitment agents who are responsible for finding the ideal employee profile for each assignment. This also involves the salespeople whose mission is to approach companies that might require temporary employees. The secretarial service handles all administrative procedures of the agency. Companies interested in the services of a placement agency in Lausanne share the type of profile they are looking for. This includes required degrees, necessary experience, and specific qualifications. This is where the agency can demonstrate its effectiveness. This effectiveness depends on the quality of its internal database, in other words, the number and diversity of candidate profiles it can provide to clients facing staffing demands. Moreover, any reputable placement agency must regularly update its internal database to remain competitive. To achieve this, the agency needs to continually add new profiles to meet evolving business needs. Some agencies even invest in training their employees to make their profiles more appealing to clients. Furthermore, temp agencies in Lausanne often offer jobs in various fields such as watchmaking, technology, industry, construction, finance, real estate, hospitality, and catering.

    ⭐ How to Register with a Temp Agency? Lausanne

    If you are looking for an assignment in Lausanne, it's important to ensure that the agencies you are considering have job offers specific to your area of expertise. To do this, feel free to browse their websites to check for interesting job openings. Once done, you can then schedule an appointment with a recruitment agent by filling out a contact form. You can also do this through a phone call. After that, prepare the documents you need to provide. These generally include an updated CV, diploma and internship certificates, an identification document, and a bank account information for payments. To enhance your chances, pay attention to the content and presentation of your CV. It should be error-free and visually appealing. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to the agency if you don't hear back after your initial meeting. This is quite common as most agencies handle multiple cases simultaneously. To ensure yours isn't overlooked, you can follow up on a weekly basis. Additionally, the company where you are placed might decide to hire you directly. You are not obliged to decline such offers due to your temporary contract. In fact, you have every right to accept them.

    ⭐ Temporary Contracts: What Are the Specifics? Vaud

    Unlike a typical employment contract, a temporary contract involves three parties: the company, the temp worker, and the placement agency. To achieve this, it is divided into two parts. Firstly, the contract that binds the professional to the company requesting their services: this is the assignment contract. Secondly, the contract that binds the temp worker to the temp agency: this is the mission contract. Thus, there is no direct link between the temp worker and the company where they perform their assignment. The placement agency is their rightful employer and is responsible for drafting and signing the employment contract. It also handles salary payments and issuance of pay slips. Furthermore, agencies organize medical examinations and are accountable for the health and safety of the temp worker. This point is particularly important since, in the event of an accident, only the agency is liable. Therefore, the agency must ensure the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) if the worker is to work on a construction site or as a technician in an industry dealing with hazardous materials. Additionally, the temp worker should be able to distinguish between these two employers: the placement agency and the one assigning them tasks and giving them daily instructions. As for the remuneration of the temp agency in Lausanne, it receives a sum from the company that includes the temp worker's salary, a commission, and social contributions. Ultimately, your placement or temp agency on Rue des Terreaux 3, Lausanne, is your preferred partner when urgently seeking temp workers to fill personnel shortages during peak activity periods. Conversely, if you are an individual looking for assignments that will benefit your career, a Swiss temp agency is a unique opportunity to gain experience. This will make you more competitive for job offers.