From luxury hotels to fast-food establishments, the hotel and food service industry covers a wide range of professions across all levels

Whether in long-established “traditional” roles or in the more modern safety and leisure lines of work, these professionals all share two common traits: availability and charisma. OK JOB guarantees only the best candidates for the job, with the dedication and enthusiasm your business needs to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

  • Hotel professionals:

    Night guard, Event organizer, Station chef, Head waiter, Head receptionist, First-class hotel concierge, Hotel manager, Maid, Valet, Manager, Housekeeper, Bulter, Sommelier, Receptionist, Parking valet, Door attendant, Luggage porter, Bellhop

  • Food industry professionals:

    Bartender, Cook, Chef, Assistant cook, Restaurant manager, Manager, Waiter

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