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Currently OK JOB has 16 agencies mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and this is only the beginning as a dozen other agencies are planned for the next few years mainly in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

In order to cover all needs from SMEs to multinationals, our candidates are professionals who know your expectations and will respond effectively to your human resources requirements.

Currently, more than 50 consultants are at your service to guarantee quality work.

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    Our consultants will draw up the specifications with you and propose selected candidates, all free of charge, until a contract is concluded. Only then do we charge our fees and even then we will pay you a percentage back in case of unsuitability during the trial period.

    Our services

    • Temporary placement
    • Search and selection of personnel of various qualifications, for shorter or longer assignments.

    • Try and hire
    • Temporary staff delegated to your company can be hired on a permanent basis after 3 months (540 hours) of assignment at no extra cost.

    • Fixed placement
    • We activate our networks and set up a recruitment process to meet your needs. After taking the assignment according to the job description, we select the candidates through interviews, taking references and testing if necessary.

    • Payrolling
    • In order to avoid administrative overload, we take care of the candidates selected by you, which we manage under an OK JOB contract, at advantageous conditions.

    "By working together we will achieve great things".

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